Examples of [people helping others] in the autobiography Kaffir Boy?

I'm writing an essay comparing the book To Kill a Mockingbird and the autobiography Kaffir Boy. In it, we have to write three examples of a common theme from the two books. The theme I chose was- [People helping others, especially in their time of need]. I have all three examples for To Kill a Mockingbird, but I can not find any for Kaffir Boy because I didn't have time to read it. I need examples with quotes and page numbers from the book, and I've been trying to "BS" it, and I just can't find any. If theres anyone who has read the book and knows at least the storyline, or the general idea of where I could find a quote showing my theme, that would save my life, and my english grade. PLEASE HELP thank you anyone and everyone. ~love Jess

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  1. girosols says:

    Hi, i have read and wrote essays on TK a mockingbird, but not the other one. Otherwise i would really like to help you. (I’m not that useful lol)Sorry! :(

  2. valours says:

    hahaha u suck! jk I <3 you im sorry I don’t have my book =(

  3. Tacitus says:

    You will have to make time.Interestingly enough, in my children’s school district some parents tried to ban _Kaffir Boy_.It is now off the reading requirements but one of the most signed out books in the school library !Read the book.