Reasons why pit bulls should not be banned?

Please list some valid points why pit bulls should NOT be banned and also provide some explanation if possible. Need this info for an essay so the points must make sense.

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  1. meddlecome says:

    Here you go.These statistics will translate well into why Pit Bulls should be banned.They are responsible for the majority of FATAL attacks.Read the article then use the link.You will be able to write a fabulous essay with these facts.From these statistics you will see that a pit bull kills a human being in the United States every 21 days. Those names at the bottom of the article are senior citizens-grandparents that were killed by Pit Bulls. Actual people, now dead.Seattle, Washington (April 22, 2009) — The first multi-year report on U.S. dog bite fatalities. The report covers a 3-year period — from January 1, 2006 to December 31, 2008 — and analyzes data gathered from 88 dog bite incidences that caused death to a U.S. citizen. The report documents dog breed information, property information (where the attack occurred) as well as dog bite victim age information. Of the 88 fatal dog attacks recorded, pit bull type dogs were responsible for 59% (52). This is equivalent to a pit bull killing a U.S. citizen every 21 days during this 3-year period. The data also shows that pit bulls commit the vast majority of off-property attacks that result in death. Only 18% (16) of the attacks occurred off owner property, yet pit bulls were responsible for 81% (13). Pit bulls are also more likely to kill an adult than a child. In the 3-year period, pit bulls killed more adults (ages 21 and over), 54%, than they did children (ages 11 and younger), 46%. In the 21-54 age group, pit bulls were responsible for 82% (14) of the deaths. The data indicates that pit bulls do not only kill children and senior citizens; they kill men and women in their prime years as well. The report also shows that of the six victim age groups documented, the 55 and older group suffered the most fatalities 26% (23), followed by the 2-4 age group 22% (19). Between the ages of 0-4, the study reveals that 14% (12) of the fatal attacks involved a “watcher,” a person such as a grandparent or babysitter watching the child. Of these attacks, 75% (9) involved a grandparent type. “The off-property statistical data about pit bulls shows just how dangerous they are.” She noted that six senior citizens were killed under these circumstances: “Two were killed while standing in their own backyard,” she said. “Four others were killed while taking a morning walk or getting the mail.” References to senior citizen victims include: Jimmie McConnell, 71, Henry Piotrowski, 90, Carshena Benjamin, 71, Luna McDaniel, 83, John Brannaman, 81 and Rosalie Bivins, 65. [external link] …

  2. unspatial says:

    Banning things do not work because it punishes the responsible owners and reputable breeders, leaving only the puppy mills, backyard breeders, and irresponsible owners to ruin the breeds even further; they don’t care that pits are banned, they’ll keep breeding them with poor genetic health and unstable temperaments, not properly socializing or training them, and not being responsible pet owners. The vast majority of people can not properly identify the three “pit bull” breeds, plus all the 20+ others which are incorrectly misidentified as “pit bulls”, making statistics on dog bites/fatalities flawed and not reliable sources of information. Statistics DO lie. It will not stop with “pit bulls”. Once they are gone, the dog fighters and thugs/gangsters will move onto another breed and destroy its reputation, continuing the vicious cycle.

  3. perrone says:

    Because people are the ones who make the dog’s the way they are. Whether it is because they are abusive or because they just do not do any research on this breed before they get one. Pit Bull’s LOVE people, yet they can be dog aggressive if not properly socialized.(like many dogs), Check out the Newsweek article today Called the pit bull problem. It explains about a test they conducted that showed Pits can be friendlier that Golden Retrivers.

  4. internist says:

    i think many pit bulls get a bad reputation after a situation caused by impatient or inexperienced owners. I know I wouldn’t be able to handle one, but that’s why I don’t own one. If someone can’t afford food, care or space for a dog they shouldn’t choose to be a owner – same with a pet’s emotional needs. If they aren’t prepared to meet the energy level, special care, etc, they shouldn’t choose to own that breed. The owner should fit the dog’s needs as equally as the dog the owners…hope this made sense:)

  5. raindos says:

    Why SHOULD they be? If they had responsible owner, who knew how to handle and train this breed, there would be no problem! And actually the majority of dog bites (if that’s what your basing your question on) are done by Chihuahuas and Cocker Spaniels, so should we ban them too?

  6. indenture says:

    I think that banning a certain breed of dog it just ridiculous. It is not the breed of the dog that would make it mean or nice, it is how the dog was raised. I have had many friends who owned pit bulls, and they were extremely lovable and sweet. I have also known people who owned dogs that were supposed to be sweet dogs, however they were terribly mean. I think that you could put something in your essay about how dogs personalities depend more on how they were raised, than what there breed is.

  7. offprints says:

    If owners would be responsible you wouldn’t have this issue at all. And that is the problem. The owners of the dogs won’t build fences large enough to prevent dog attacks. If you own a car you are required to have a license that says you can operate it safely,and you have to get insurance. If you own a gun you have to register your gun, and you have to pass background checks. So why aren’t dog owners required to take safety precautions to ensure the dog doesn’t harm anyone? [external link] ;…

  8. covanet says:

    Blame the deed not the breed!-You only hear about the “bad pits”, never the good ones (except daddy!)-They are extremely loyal and affectionate-Very good dogs for houses with children-ANY dog can be taught to be aggressive -Dogs will behave the way they are taught to behaveThe only problem with pit bulls is the stupid people who get them to use them for fighting or other negative purposes. These idiots think they look tough havin’ a mean pit bull by their side and it really just shows their own weakness. I’ve have 2 pits and I can walk them off-leash all over town and let them run around my yard unleashed, they wouldn’t hurt a fly! Damn near every Chihuahua I’ve ever seen is meaner than my pits but people don’t give a damn about them cuz they’re so small. All dogs need obedience, I don’t care what size they are.One last thing, to Marci knows best. Obviously your a dumb ****** and you don’t know best. Open your ignorant closed mind and get to know a pit bull who was raised right. Every fact you listed just shows your pathetic arrogance and it’s because of stupid c*unts like you that get this amazing breed of dog banned.

  9. interferometers says:

    Reasons why pitbulls should NOT be banned are simple. They are dogs that are very misunderstood. It is not their fault for the things that happen it is the owners who do the damage. When buying a dog say a Border Collie, you know that it is high instinct to herd but it can be made to be a housepet, the same with most breeds. Labs are hunters but if their owners are not then the don’t get the opportunity to hunt so they become pets. The same is true with a pit. It is high instinct to fight or protect and when it winds up with the wrong owner the owner will hone in on the instinct amd not teach it to be just a pet. They can be wonderful pets but the owner has to be aware of the drive inside them and be able to get the dog to behave in a way that will make it more pet worthy.It is a shame that the dog has a bed rep, but you know years ago people thought the same of German shepherds and dobermanns.But they have been bred to lose that instinct well maybe not lose it altogether but it becomes lessened inside them. Good luck on your paper.

  10. Olivella says:

    Type in why Pit Bulls shouldn’t be banned in your address bar.Edit: People can thumbs down me all they want, but this isn’t MY homework to be doing….I’m not the one that should be doing the research…You can type in the question in your address bar and come up with your own research.

  11. visuoauditory says:

    read these…then if needed you have a source [external link] … [external link]

  12. dezincation says:

    Pit Bulls are cute and cuddly you say?That’s not what the APBT looked like that attacked me and my dog while I was walking and minding my own business. Just soft little toys you say?That’s not what I felt when this APBT had a hold of my arm for 20 minutes until the Ambulance arrived and had to overdose it with morphine to kill it so they could brake its jaws open that had locked onto my arm and crushed the two bones in my wrist.ADDED: So I gather from all the thumbs down, that these are people who own Pit Bulls and actually condone this kind of behaviour. And you wonder why the breed is getting banned world wide, look in the mirror people, there is the answer.

  13. rdosser says:

    The likely hood of buying a well bred pit will dramatically drop. The reputable breeders will do the right thing and follow the law, where as the BYB and puppy mills will not and continue to breed unhealthy pits. What they need is a monitor breeding properly, make it harder to breed so that the average person cannot just breed what ever they like.

  14. herboid says:

    if you ban one breed of dog someone is going to complain about another breed of dog wanting that breed banned as well were are you going to stop?ban all dogs? ban all animals?ban all humans?you cant please everyone so why ban them.

  15. levrone says:

    Let’s see – they cause more serious injuries than other dog breeds because they have massive jaws and were bred to be impervious to painTheir owners often own them to look tough and macho and train them to be aggressiveThey were selectively bred for generations to kill other dogs, and these tendencies have not been completely bred out by any meansOh wait those were the reasons we used to get them banned in our town – my bad

  16. upgrave says:

    The only reason why people assume pit bulls are so bad is because some HORRIBLE People raise their dog to act that way and it really does affect their personalities. My aunts pit bull and my grandpas pitbull were some of the nicest dogs i’ve ever met! that’s like banning a certain race!

  17. Carnaria says:

    Easy. I had a Pit bull that was my life! (that’s why I named her Zoey) =) Pit bulls are the most willing to please breed out there. If you teach them to fight, they fight, if you teach them to run around 5 times and go 2 steps back every time they see a new person, they will LOL They get extremely attached to their people. Listen to anything you say. Are great with kids. Adapt to YOUR mood and are actually great therapy dogs. They are VERY affectionate, huge lapdogs, have to be with you and are very dependent. Not a breed that needs to be outside away from his family…even though most are =(I think it’s absurd to ban such a sweet and kind-loving dog! To me they are the best breed out there…and I own a Chihuahua! I could give many more reasons, but I would be typing all night. That is one breed I love and always will. I may not have Chihuahua’s forever, but I will always love a Pit bull and one day will own one again. Pits are also very good obedience dogs too.*****BAN THE DEED NOT THE BREED!*****

  18. medusas says:

    Banning pit bull type dogs only punishes law-abiding, responsible owners. Those who seek to manipulate these dogs’ desire to please their handlers will either take their activities further underground or find another breed of dog to suit their needs. In previous decades, the Doberman, the Rottweiler, and the GSD were considered “inherently dangerous” dogs. In response to people listing supposed “dog bite” data, don’t buy it unless they can provide conclusive proof the dog *was* in fact a pit bull (not hearsay after an aggressive incident occurred, I’m talking genetic confirmation). See this website that helps illuminate how many dogs are commonly confused with the American Pit Bull Terrier: [external link] … The American Temperament Test Society (ATTS) found that the APBT scores higher than the Collie, the Beagle, and many other “family dogs” that do not have to endure the unfair stigmatization that pit bull type dogs do. See this link for the 2008 statistics: [external link] You can also see what the temperament test consists of here: [external link] needs to be banned is bad owners, not dogs! Responsible ownership should be enforced. I am for a licensing exam that potential dog owners must pass in order to possess a dog (like the DMV is for driver’s licenses). To me, dog ownership is like driving: a privilege, not a right. [external link] … is a useful website that spotlights exemplary pit bull type dogs. In regards to the media, a publicized “pit bull” bite *literally* gets a bigger audience. Here in NYC, a man contacted the NY Post a couple years ago to report a dog bite. The first question he was greeted with was: “Was it a pit bull?” He replied no and the paper turned down the story. Suspicious, he called back a few days later and said it was a pit bull. There was a reporter, two news vans, and a TV correspondent at his residence in less than two hours. My APBT mix is well on his way to becoming a certified therapy dog. He has passed all of his temperament tests, is good with children, adults, the elderly, and other animals (he has a particular fondness for smaller dogs and puppies). I have worked with many other pit bull type dogs and haven’t encountered a single case of human aggression. I have dealt with a few cases of dog aggression, but it was because the dogs spent the first years of their life unsocialized, abused, and neglected (I foster/rehabilitate dogs such as these regularly). Ultimately, look not at the dog on the end of the leash but the human that is holding it.Blanket statements regarding breed behavior and considering the few isolated actions of a few to be indicatory of the entire dog type’s behavior are unwise and illogical. Stereotyping is for the simple minded. I was attacked by a Doberman when I was 5. Do I think all Dobies should be banned? Of course not. My dog was attacked by a Golden Retriever last year and needed to be sewed back together by a vet. The Golden Retriever’s owner had to kick his dog in the head over a dozen times to get him to release my dog. Do I think all Golden Retrievers are viscous? Of course not. Dogs are individuals like people and should be treated as such.I suggest you read “The Pit Bull Placebo” for your assignment. Breed Specific Legislation is a knee-jerk response by lazy legislators to seem proactive about dog bites without actually addressing the issue at hand: irresponsible ownership. And irresponsible ownership spans the whole of the canine community.Edit: Anyone that says a pit bull’s jaws “lock” is completely ignorant to basic dog physiology. It’s biologically impossible.Edit2: To the “thumbs down” fairy: either refute my evidence with fact or look like an anonymous and uninformed coward.Edit3: To anyone that thinks that every pit bull owner is in it for a status symbol, I am a 21 year old female with a dual degree with political science and history. All of my dogs are highly trained so we don’t give ignorant asses any fodder by which to further slander the breed type. And I am by no means condoning aggressive behavior exhibited by dogs; I am vehemently opposed to any and all canine misbehavior! The thing is, I don’t care what breed exhibits it. And that is the difference.

  19. pupa says:

    the fact of the matter is, that the pit-bull, as it has been nick-named, is not any more likely to bite you out of instinct, then a German shepherd, Pits only become violent when mistreated, or put in an arena for dog fighting. ALL dogs are the same in this seance, there is nothing wrong with pits, I have know pits that might as well be toys because of how cuddly they are, I cannot come up with anything els, that is EVERYTHING in a nut shell. (pits bites are not really all that strong, they are only used in fighting because the LOOK more dangerous, but I would be far more scared of a Spaniel then I would a pit, the fact is, they are all around good dogs, they are just feared because people have an un-founded fear, nothing more)

  20. oriel says:

    Collectively– I have owned 4 in my life, and I can certainly say that badly bred ones can become nightmares– and quick. It doesn’t just take teaching it bad behavior– it can and will occur, easily.American Pit Bull Terriers are a dominant breed, easily taught, and thus, easily “misused”, so to speak. They are a target for scum, criminals, and drug dealers, not to mention, they are a “hot ticket” breed, which makes them highly desireable by backyard and uninformed breeders, who breed indiscriminately, with no regard to temperament and physique… which… in my mind, is a disaster.They are highly animal aggressive, and even dogs that live together fight (mine do). They give you little warning signs (instinctual) before aggressive behavior, and it often seems “unprovoked”, though, rarely is. It’s either a genetic, temperamental, or behavioral thing.That being said, while I certainly don’t want them banned, I do hope that someday there is a change in the attitude towards them, and maybe the wrong people will start leaving them alone.The right kind of people, informed, intelligent, responsible, need to take hold of this breed and alter it’s image, or this breed surely will go to hell in a handbasket, and quick.

  21. dragonesque says:

    Pitbulls are known for their agressive behavior, when really, look at what people train them to do. If pitbulls were trained differently, we could have more roaming around. Its like an Akita, they are a natural guard dog, and bite unknown strangers in their territory, like any guard dog, they have their purpose. Some people like pitbulls because they want to feel safe, and some hate them because of the fights that people set up, when honestly the people are the idiots who train the dogs to be aggressive. I personally think that if we started to work on not putting them in a situation to fight to the death, then maybe we would not have so much issues on the breed of dog. Its just protecting itself, and its pack, like any dog. If you use them correctly, they are not evil or dangerous. If your gonna blame anyone for pitbulls, blame the losers that make them fight till death, and the people years ago who bred the dog to be a guard dog. A shitzue isnt going to be a guard dog, a bigger dog is. Why ban such adorable pit bull when it has done nothing wrong but do what it was trained/bred to do.

  22. caring says:

    Baning breeds can actually make other non pitbull be euthnaised. Such as Registed Labrador. Don’t ask me why a Labrador can be mistaken for APBT, but it happens!People who own out-of-control dogs are not giving the dog what they truly need, and are almost always treating the dog like a human rather than like a canine. To ban a specific breed of dog because “SOME” owners do not fulfill a dogs needs is insane. If breed ban legislation ever becomes an issue in your area, be sure to vote NO.Breed Bans – Bad IdeaThere are no bad dogs, just bad owners – Think these laws will not affect you because you do not own a dog on the list? Think again!We were contacted this week by one of our readers in response to the article “Persecution, Ontario Style”. She was offering support in light of a very similar incident which happened last year to her mother, who wishes to remain anonymous.The reader’s mother lives in Thornhill, Ontario. Thornhill is a well-to-do area just north of Toronto where the houses are large and well kept and the residents tend to be educated and successful.On a hot summer day in July, 2006, out of the blue, the doorbell rang. The 64-year-old woman opened the door to find an Animal Control Officer (ACO) standing there. As it was such a hot day, she invited the officer into the house where it was cooler. He asked if he could see her dog. The woman obliged, assuming they were following up on the licensing program in Thornhill. “Lucky”, a five-year-old Labrador Retriever, was licensed with the city. The woman went into the backyard and brought Lucky, who was wearing her collar and licence tag, into the house to meet the ACO.The officer began to take many pictures of Lucky. He didn’t ask Lucky’s breed, age or anything else about her. After he had taken the photos, he pulled out some papers which explained DOLA (Dog Owners Liability Act) and the amendments which ban American Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers and any dogs which are substantially similar to those breeds. He then informed the woman that he was taking Lucky with him to be destroyed. The shocked and horrified dog owner didn’t understand what was happening. She started to cry for fear of what would happen to her dog. To have an ACO arrive at your house unexpectedly and to invite them in on a hot day and then hear them say that they are taking your dog for destruction is almost incomprehensible.At this point, the woman’s husband came into the room. He promptly escorted the officer off the property and told him not to come back unless he had a warrant and court order for the destruction of their dog. One month later, two police officers showed up at this couple’s door and charged them under DOLA with owning a prohibited dog. Lucky is a five-year-old black, purebred, registered Labrador Retriever. The couple took the registration papers to their set court date which proved their dog is not banned in the province of Ontario. The charges were dismissed.Imagine what would have happened had Lucky not been a registered purebred dog. How many dogs in the province are unregistered? How many are mixed breed dogs that CANNOT be registered? There is NO proof of your dog’s breed without registration papers. The Canadian Kennel Club estimates that only 10% of Ontario dogs are purebred and registered. That means that 90% of all dogs in Ontario cannot have their lineage proved. That means that 90% of all dogs in Ontario, when found in this situation could lose their lives if they are not Lucky!The couple feel this whole situation may have started over a neighbour dispute over how to cut the hedge bordering on both properties. They have no proof because Animal Control won’t release the names of complainants, but can’t think of any other reason why that ACO came knocking on their door on that nightmarish day.Between the time of the visit and subsequent charges being laid and the court appearance the woman had a heart attack and was diagnosed with stomach ulcers. Her doctor attributed both to stressSadly the American Pitbull Terrier has already been banned in australiaLuckily the Am Staff and Staffordshire are NOT yet banned.