Banned Books: Lord of the Rings?

I have to write an essay on a banned books and I have chosen Lord of the Rings. More specifically, The Hobbit. I've read numerous articles on why it was banned, but does anyone know any quotes or certain sections of the book that show why it was banned? For example, an article says that it has signs of smoking or a certain scene in the book that had smoking included in it, which was a reason when they came up with banning it. Do you guys know anymore? Like songs that were included in the story that have a bad meaning to it, or any examples of text from the story that was included in the reason they banned it?! Please help me!

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  1. overward says:

    If a book has been put on a ban list, it’s likely for the following reasons: large amounts of cursing, a lot of sexual content, drugs(not smoking a cigarette or two. I mean like drug dealers, etc), refrences to follow satanic rituals or satan himself, and lastly, the use of magic. The hobbit likely was banned because of the last one