Essay Ideas for Maximum Ride: Saving the world and other extreme sports.?

So, I have to write a 3 pages (THREE freaking pages) on a novel. So I chose a novel I love and have read several times before. So obviously I chose Maximum Ride: Saving the world and other extreme sports. Only I need help with ideas.I'm not good at noticing literary elements in books, and that's what we need. Our essay has to be related to theme and we have to use literary elements in the book to prove our thesis. Like for example: In Sonny Blues by James Baldwin, through the use of symbolism of ice, sweat, tears, goes through a change. The change of going from depression into the releasing of grief.Or something like that. So basically we have to use literary elements to make up most of the entire essay. Do you get it?I need help with coming up with those elements and a thesis to wrap those into one paper. The theme that I always think of is rather hard to explain. I know of one ironic feature: wings are usually a symbol of freedom, but the flock is far from free. They always have to "run" from pretty much everyone. I'll thank you very much for any help you can give me.

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