Should universities keep core classes (ex: college math) or should students only have to take needed classes?

i have to write an essay arguing whether i think universities should keep core classes or not & explain why? It's mostly talking about the math classes. Anyone have any ideas of why we should keep or not keep core math classes. It all revolves around some guy would complained saying he doesn't need math in his career so would should he have to take it.

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4 Responses to “Should universities keep core classes (ex: college math) or should students only have to take needed classes?”

  1. ericson says:

    Yes, they should keep core classes. Most college students will end up with a job not very closely related to their major, and they need to have a good range of skills for those potential jobs, including reading, writing, communication, thinking, and math skills. If we just let them take classes directly related to their major, people who major in religion, or womens studies, or sociology will never find a job.

  2. ptychopariid says:

    We should keep them. Classes unrelated to your discipline help develop a broad worldview, and help you become an educated, well-rounded person.On Math: Math helps develop our critical and abstract thinking skills, which is useful in ALL spheres of life and careers. It’s not as much about the numbers as it helps our minds work in different ways, which is great, no?

  3. Harrington says:

    College math: you may not ever need it, it’s more of a way to prove that your brain can do a higher level of thinkingI think that everyone should have to talk at least SOME kind of math

  4. discoursive says:

    A bachelors degree is suppose to represent a well rounded education, that’s why colleges and universities have such required course in almost every field (including humanities, science, social science, etc). I wouldn’t argue against it, HOWEVER, it my back fire if the college has too many core requirements that it interferes with what the student wants to study.