In What Region Was the Cold War MOST Intense: Europe, Asia, or Latin America?

for a history 3 page essay..

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4 Responses to “In What Region Was the Cold War MOST Intense: Europe, Asia, or Latin America?”

  1. profarmer says:

    Asia,South East Asia mostly.

  2. mayhaps says:

    None of the above!The correct answer is ‘ the regions in the brains of Government leaders world over’Region – Left Hemisphere – Interpretation and reasoning – Everything started from here.Region – Right Hemisphere – Holistic Functioning – Here we got narrow minded.Region – Cerebral Cortex – Form thoughts and make decisions – ….and things went downhill.PS- It’s a trick question.PPS- If you still insist, the Eurasian countries against the allied nations. The military forces never engaged in a major battle. It mostly involved espionage, propaganda and nuclear arms race and space Race.PPPS- if you still insist, cold war is split into different era (1947–1953) (1953–1962) (1962–1979) (1979–1985) (1985–1991). Post world war II conflict, Korean war, Cuban missile crisis, Afghanistan Invasion, Revolution of soviet states. Take your pick.

  3. italy says:

    You mean during the cold war, when there was a minimal amount of fighting? Has to be inside Russia, where they would punish their own people and some prisoners of war so much that many committed suicide.

  4. mechanizer says:

    Asia: Korean Conflict & Nam War.Latin America: Bay of Pigs, failed invasion of Castro’s Cuba by US-based insurgents.Cuban Missile Crisis: the closest the world ever came to World War III.