What does the Greek god of war, Ares, look like?

Ares' appearance needs to be included in the essay I am doing.Any help? Please source the website where you got your info!(just include the website link so I can click it to verify)

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  1. Thomite says:

    well he has black hair young very intelligent

  2. WHJY-FM says:

    [external link] …

  3. clarkim says:

    [external link] … SEE FOR YOURSELF

  4. quaich says:

    Tall, beautiful. It has the description in the book “Heroes, Gods, and Monsters of Greek Myths.”

  5. advanceable says:

    Okay, the Classical World had two conventions regarding him. The first was that he was dressed like a conventional Hoplite, [external link] .…The second was that he was nude, though they generally gave him a helmet. Nudity in Classical art was a sign that the subject had passed beyond the need for conventional protection. You will find many sculptures of Nude Youths, known as Kouroi. These were mostly found in cemeteries where they were grave markers. Here is a nude Ares from Hadrian’s villa.. The page is in French: [external link] …Here is another nude Ares: [external link] …Here is a modern combination of the two typologies: [external link] …

  6. emanatist says:

    Ares photos [external link] …дерьмо➤➤➤➤