What should my theme be for my…….?

I am in 8th grade, and have a major (major like 400 points) portfolio due next month. now we (my whole grade basically) have been writing storys and essays, and just basically everything we need...but we need a theme for the portfolilo. like we have to write an introduction and conculsion relating to the theme. we also need a good creative title relating to the theme, and we need "chapter" titles relating to the theme as well. My name is Haley, so my mom came up with an idea to do a space theme and have the title called "haley's comet", but i would like to see what else there is i could use for my theme. so what do you think my theme should be for my portfolio (everyone in the school sees them--so does family members)? do you like the whole "space'' theme? if you have any other ideas please let me know! thanks soo much!p.s.--i don't do any sports, so please don't say foot-ball, basketball, softball, soccer ect.

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4 Responses to “What should my theme be for my…….?”

  1. retolerate says:

    well you could write about what your mom said or………………. * pursuasive essay *somthing you believe in *somthing you want to change in the world like poorness * a realistic story of a and her friendshope i could help!good luck!

  2. rexxtry says:

    My name is Haley too! My middle name is Jasiela but anyways…I like your moms idea.. or do something like Haleys investigation’z something like that….HTH!

  3. stripcr says:

    I think the Haley’s comet thing is a cool idea. If you have a hobby you could do something themed on that b/c it is a subject you know alot about.

  4. dnalgne says:

    maybe Haley’s Wild Stories, and do a safari or jungle theme.Or Haleys Top Secret Missions and do a CIA or FBI type theme.I also like your Mom’s, just remember creativity is the real theme : )