Question about existence of time for my essay?

Doing an essay on Mctaggart's view of time, namely A-series and B-seriesSome that is stated is 'change is essential for time' So my theoretical question is-Say there is a rock that is placed in a box of the strongest material in the world so there is no way that the rock can be interacted with by the outside world. One would say that events and 'change' are occurring outside so it could be said that time is happening. now because the rock is not changing at all and there is nothing changing around it, is the rock simply a 'snap shot' in time and therefore excluded, even though time is flowing around it?Also any ideas on this subject would be ideal, just brain storming things to put in my essay. Thanks!

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  1. visuometer says:

    there’s something called wikipedia

  2. wollop says:

    There’s been similar research, where the scientists do deep-core drilling into Greenland and Antarctica ice. Other researchers explore caves, where no one has been for millennia.Another angle would be Sir Isaac Newton’s research into the Laws of Thermodynamics. He sorta said that God — as Creator — created the universe as a closed system, and that He didn’t interact with it, and probably couldn’t, otherwise it would no longer be a closed system.

  3. fiddlerfish says:

    Time is essentially the 4th dimension and it quantifies the motion of objects in relation to the other 3 dimensions. Motion is change. Time represents change. All objects are in motion, both cosmically and sub-atomically, so even in your example, where the rock inside the box may appear motionless and unchanging in relation to the box and to you, it’s sub-atomic particles are nonetheless in motion and the “rock / box system” itself is in motion with the earth as it rotates and orbits the sun, and as our solar system revolves around the center of our galaxy, and as our galactic system is hurtling toward or away from other galaxies. As long as there is motion, time has relevance. To give time meaning requires an observer.

  4. symbiotics says:

    Time isn’t change. Time is the stream from which existence draws power from nothingness. Nothingness is infinite and Existence is finite. Time is the means from which existence leeches on nothingness. Change is leeching. Change is existence. Nothingness is time.