My memory stick just broke i need advice and i need it fast!?

Okay, I just sat and typed up two huge english essays and now my memory sticks broke and i don't have a printer, She doesn't want it written and I don't have her email, my friends are away to bed the now so i cant ask one of them lol, shes real scary and it was to be in for tommorow! i have her first period so what can i do ?! should i take the full laptop into her to prove i actually done it? i already used about 10 excuses its only me out the full class thats not handed it in yet i really dont want to disappoint her?

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2 Responses to “My memory stick just broke i need advice and i need it fast!?”

  1. counterpoised says:

    take the laptop to class,remember to save your essay before turning the laptop off.

  2. nicknamer says:

    Bring you laptop, it sounds like that’s your only option so that you DON’T fail the assignment.