Is this the right way to write a essay?

For example, if my thesis is, Edgar Allan Poe is such a significant figure in American Literature because of his major aspects, major influences, contributions and writing style.Do I write it like this,1st Paragraph : Introduction2nd Paragraph: Major aspects3rd Paragraph: Major influences4th Paragraph :Contributions5th Paragraph:Writing Style6th Paragraph: Conclusion ?By the way, can you mention 4 points in the thesis?Please help

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  1. zax says:

    yes, its important to list the most important details first in each paragraph

  2. Anopheles says:

    I would think that the WRITING STYLES would introduce the CONTRIBUTIONS, because the style influenced the next step so it contributed to whatever. Then I would roll in the MAJORS because his contributions played a roll in whatever they contributed to.Good luck with your thesis.