What are some non-controversial essay topics?

My English professor asked the class to write an essay over a non-controversial topic. I am having alittle trouble finding a topic beacuse just about everything ccan be argued against!If you know of a couple then please just give them to me! I would greatly appreciate it!

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  1. butterweed says:

    Write a documentary type of paper. Keep it objective and informative (or even humorous) rather than making it an argument for one side or another.Examples:Marriage customs in different cultures (rather than for-against gay marriage or arranged marriages)Food safety (what food poisoning is, how it happens, how to prevent it when storing and preparing food)Travel essay on a place

  2. pasturage says:

    Here is a link of topics that are good to write on and they take you to other links of about 2 to 3 paragraphs on those topics so you don’t have to do too much surfing or searching for other information. Hope this helps. Here’s the link. [external link]

  3. screaking says:

    Do something about a past event… Tree is no arguing about what already happened. Some examples are the renoissance period or about a writer or poet, maybe about how electricity was invented or something about history

  4. jory says:

    Radio censorshipMedia coverage of today, how things are put in bad proportion with the war and more on celebritiesThemes in a book you have readJobs in America instead of sending them elsewhereOff shore drilling for Oil