Why are middle class people so jealous of upper class people?

I could drag this question out into a full-blown essay, as I have years of experience under my belt in watching middle class people suffer in their middle class nightmares. But I'll only point to one example.Why do middle class people obsess over taking vacations? I mean, when middle class people take a vacation, they take millions of pictures and discuss the fact that they're actually on a vacation. And when they get back from the vacation, they don't shut up about the vacation. When I was growing up, we'd pack up and spend the summer months in the Bahamas (nothing too fancy but my parents have a bungalow down there). We didn't scream, "Oh, we're on a vacation! Let's take a million pictures to remind ourselves of it!" Nor did we treat the locals with disrespect as do many middle class people since it's there only opportunity to be the boss of someone else--similar to how they treat waiters in restaurants. Rich people actually treat waiters kindly. Middle class people abuse the power divide. Anyway, do middle class people just obsess over how they feel like 'royalty' for that one week? Is that what it is? Are they so frustrated with their class status that they worship the idea of not being enslaved for that one week every year?You guys have to know what I'm talking about. So why are they so obsessed with vacations?

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16 Responses to “Why are middle class people so jealous of upper class people?”

  1. unlandmarked says:

    how did i miss this Q.. oh, i know i was still sleeping.. can you remember i am on PST.. anyways.. interesting point you make.. i have not one vacation photo, really. Report Abuse

  2. Moneses says:

    You are a SNOB. What makes you think all middle class people act like this? It has been my observation that some children of the upper class, whose parents forgot to teach them the proper way to interact with all of society. I suspect from your comments, that you are a spoiled rich kid whose parents spent more time socializing than parenting. At some point in your life, you started thinking you are superior because you were BORN into money. The way I see it, you need to walk away from your mommy and daddy’s money, use your own earnings and see if you can better understand the lower class person. I respect all people regardless of money, however when I run across a snob like yourself, I can only pity you for your ignorance because if you lose your money, and with this economy it could happen, you will not be able to survive the real world. I take vacation picture so we as a family in years to come , can look at them together and enjoy the time we spent all over again. I suspect you have never been taught any family values instead you were taught the importance of a dollar. A dollar does not make a man. A dollar can not buy true happiness. You , my friend, need to get off your high horse and ride a pony. Grow UP

  3. microclimatic says:

    Why is it that upper class have nothing better to do than get on the computer and put down the middle class, the majority of the population, now go lay down or whatever you upper class trolls do!

  4. uniequivalent says:

    It’s just something to gripe about. Of course when you consider that 90% of the wealth is owned by less than 1% of the population, with 4% being in the really well off category. That leaves about 5% for everyone else. That is really horrible numbers as people lose their homes to job losses, get tied up in credit card debt and have to deal with money as a very finite resource living hand to mouth, even many middle class types.I grew up in a rich family that got into trouble with the IRS, enough to kill my father off in stress. We pretty much lost everything, so I even got to enjoy being poor, and now middle. I have been on all three fronts, and there are pros and cons to each. When you’re rich you think you have it okay or good, but everyone even other rich people want your money, not really you. Everyone will always seem like your friend, and you may actually believe it on the convincing ones, but lose all the money and major possessions and less than a year you might retain a friend. It all changes.Now being poor is easy. You just have to subsist and get by. There are no strings holding you anywhere, and no one wants you other than you, if that is important.Being middle is kind of sad, and you are talking about this case because you work hard to have a little, so a vacation is something special. Most people work all year just to get off a week or two, and somewhere exotic, not in their backyards, is pretty much all they live for, besides raising their families and managing their retirement funds for which they are under the pretenses that if they work all their lives, they can spend their golden years in a good way, travel all they ever wanted to or do what they want to. Then reality sets in, they still have to manage their money really tight because the game is to not spend too fast, but not die with too much extra. Then as the older you get, the less you want to risk, so the exotic vacations they dream about relatively young no longer is a goal, but getting the RV and visiting bingo halls sounds more fun, if not the casino where they pretty much lose it or die going into mediocrity. Most people die within a few years of retiring because they no longer have a reason to exist. So all really pathetic if you think how hard most people work to pretty much die not really getting to live, but did all that was expected of them, being the good spouses, saving money, working overtime, at least more than 40 hours a week with a dream of being what rich is in their mind, which is peanuts.So if they can get a small opportunity to be someone for a week, on vacation, that is something really special. That’s all they have.

  5. hormone says:

    I once had lots of money but now am middle class. I always treat people the same, with respect and kindness. People are proud to be able to go to those places. Most of the time, we don’t travel to those places again so it literally is a trip of a lifetime. The next time is somewhere new entirely because we can’t afford a place there. You are feeling snobbery, my friend. Incidentally, this is marriage and divorce. You posted in the wrong section. Education and consideration are priceless. Best of luck!

  6. disparageable says:

    Haha. I haven’t notice about it. But you’re right for some points. I’m a middle class. I love to take vacations which I’ve saved up money for long time to get each one. I would scream, make noise, brag about it before, during and a week after about the vacation. Sometimes I even dance with joy.I would take a pictures as may as possible. I don’t know why. It just seems right to do so, I always treat people with respect unless they upset me or don’t do their job properly. Don’t you think at least we should get a good service for what we pay for.

  7. semblance says:

    I’m sure it’s hard to be humble when your so perfect.Joey the Butt Sniffer – in the middle class world you would be a dog.Yahoo answers must be for middle class people, because your in the wrong category.Joey you are a spoiled brat.

  8. pearlashes says:

    I think you are both delusional. Being poor is not easy… but I bet rich people don’t ever worry about where there next meal is coming from or how they are going to pay the rent next month. Middle class people unlike rich who ‘born with it’ have worked very hard for those vacations! Report Abuse

  9. miramar says:

    well..there is no longer such things like middle calss..etc..people are equal in rights and law..they learn or they work and they become rich or have a position of respomsanility in the society..even a driver has a respomsability…royality..is not also smth..a class…is just the one who leads..everybody does what he can…and must be paid according to what he desrves..if they cannot afford they probably pay less..and that ;s ..but who can affisr should pay very well the services that smb else does for him..e.g..i am bussy and i have pther things and cannot work and clean yes?then i ghave to pay smb to clean instead of me right?how muc do i have to pay?of i would receive those money would i be content if i myself had to do that job and be payed?so we have to try to apreciate the other s work, and not try to obtain ,pre then we give..so on..if we do not have enough money we could ask for less..so oin..

  10. Shaysite says:

    If anything, rich people are in a position to do MUCH more for the benefit of performing good deeds to mankind on earth, but fail to do so, solely interested in self indulgence.That is typical. Not all are like that, but FEW actually have good hearts.Paying a waiter a huge tip means nothing when you are rich, nor does using the upscale power of expanded langauge vocabulary to carry off some notion that you are a superior person because you are rich and intellectual.All people are mere vessels, absorbing only what they have been taught. In the end, none of it will matter once you become a pile of dust.

  11. morningtide says:

    i know what youre talking about but i dont agree with you. from your tone, it’s obvious you are high class right? i would be considered middle class. i know what you mean about people getting like how you described but i dont think it pertains stictly to just the middle class. i know upper class people do it as i have witnessed it. i personally treat people with respect wherever i am. i take pictures because i like to and i do not feel like royalty. i am respectful of others customs and want to learn about their culture. vacations are an escape from peoples stupidly, unneccessarily busy lives. just relax and worrt about your vacation. dont let the enjoyment of people “lower” than you get you upset.

  12. smit says:

    All classes of people treat others with disrespect. Just go to Wal-Mart or Denny’s.

  13. taprooted says:

    Heck, I’m jealous of those middle class jerks who can afford to take vacations.

  14. jaggiest says:

    I’m middle class and i ALWAYS treat people with respect. It’s just how I was brought up. Even on vacation I treat people with respect. And yes when I’m on vacation I take a ton of pictures. Also when I’m not on vacation. So what?

  15. regalements says:

    We’re poor and jealous of your piles of cash :(

  16. depopulative says:

    I agree it can sometimes be obnoxious to endlessly brag about a vacation you’re going to take. Thanks to facebook and twitter the bragging reaches more people than ever. I’m not rich or anything but I also try to be humble and not announce it to the world when I get to go on a vacation once or twice a year. You could also benefit by being less judgemental. Everyone has room for improvement regardless of their social status.