Where in tenochtitlan did the spanish ships lay in dock?

When the spanish starting to conquer the Aztec empire, where did in Tenochtitlan did they dock? Writing an essay, need to know ASAP.

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3 Responses to “Where in tenochtitlan did the spanish ships lay in dock?”

  1. koslowr says:

    Cortez landed near present day Vera Cruz. He destroyed his ships so that his men would have incentive to go forward. Tenochtitlan is present day Mexico City. They might have used Indian boats and barges, or made their own, in the conquest of the city.Read Gary Jennings’ novel “Aztec”. It’s the story of the conquest of Mexico from the point of view of a Native Aztec. (It was THE novel for summer reading the year it was published.)

  2. swelchie says:

    The Spanish landed in Veracruz. I don’t think they docked when they shot at Tenochtitlan–they bombarded the city with their cannons from the lake. Infantry entered the city via causeways.

  3. subproduct says:

    In 1519, under the direction of hernan cortes, the spanish attacked the poor aztecs.the aztecs were a very developped nation that made out of tenochtitlan a group of artificial islands floating on the lake mexico, for agricultural purposes. The spanish could have docked just nearby.