Barbie: Pro’s and Con’s?

I am writing a essay about the effects that the Barbie Doll has had on young children. Some believe it is "just a doll" and that the inhuman waist, bust, and legs will not take an effect on these vulnerable kids. Others say that girls and boys growing up with these dolls get an image installed into their head about what the perfect woman should look like. So take a side, and let me know how you feel about the Barbie Doll.Thanks, Freebird

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8 Responses to “Barbie: Pro’s and Con’s?”

  1. gxcolor says:

    Barbie is just a phase little girls go through when there young. It doesn’t affect you later on in life or anything. Barbie is pretty much the perfect woman, but girls when there like 15 won’t be like “oh, i want to be just like barbie!” They will care less about barbies when there teens. Its just a phase that boys and girls go through when there kids. Just like boys like hot wheels. But playing barbies, does build emotional, intellectual and moral skills for girls when they are young.

  2. defrosters says:

    Pro: It encourages imagination, and creativityCon: Girls want to look like her and be skinny.

  3. stickleaf says:

    Barbie is the perfect toy for girls, heck i even play with them still! i also collect them. i think that she gives girls goals to shoot for, she proves that a girl can do anything that she wants! who wants to look up to (or play with) a fat, ugly, no make-up doll. barbie and ken should be role models for everyone!

  4. aesopian says:

    When i was little my mom didn’t let me play with explicit dolls such as Barbie. And i had two brothers. I even heard of a Barbie that gives birth. If you wanna learn about babies, don’t run to Barbie’s :D !Barbie’s might give a boy the image of a perfect woman. And might make little girls think they need to have boobies right now and not when their older. I have nothing against the all American Doll.:):):)and the phrase “B-a-r-b-i-e be who you wanna be” might inspire little girls to be like Barbie. have a job like her and such. think of G.I Joe’s…lol and the little boys.

  5. Maybloom says:

    Barbie’s impossible measurements were originally designed by and defended by women. The main reason: fabrics that are just fine for you & me (at 1:1 scale), are six times too thick for “her” (at 1:6 scale). They felt it necessary to give her those measurements so her clothes would wear right.

  6. puttering says:

    When kids had barbie dolls and they have growed up now they think that everywhone should look like barbies and be like them

  7. flavone says:

    Pros : barbie s an amazing doll that creates the sense of being in style and elegant for little girls , and also it induces that feeling of motherhood , as the girl thinks that barbie is her daughter …etc ..Cons : Barbie , with her ” IDEAL ” look , her size 0 pants and everything starting with makeup , hair style , clothes … can develop that sense of ” you have to be perfect ” like barbie , otherwise people won’t like you ..

  8. yamens says:

    Con: They are all the same. They are plastic wtih blonde hair they with big boobs a flat stomach and skinny arms and legs, no pimples, and perfect makeup. THey make girls that dont look like that feel bad about themselves, and make little boys think all girls should look like that. basically what she their just a doll. they really are, but “just” things still have a big effect on us.