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The New Frontier "Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential." This simple Churchill quote makes an obvious point that many of us seem to miss; that hard work is the critical element in seeing our dreams come to fruition. I do not claim to be special or talented, but I believe I have a certain, uncommon willpower that will ultimately allow me to succeed. For now, I consider myself a seeker and patron of the truth, because I hold the belief that the truth sets us free from the manacles of hollow tradition. I do not accept things just because they are; I constantly question traditions and seek the practical solutions rather than the typical solutions. Of course, a critical viewpoint of traditions possibly denotes a superiority complex, but I try to avoid this. Simply put, I am a logic-driven perfectionist, but not an insistent one. I now and forever hold the premise that life is good, but it could be better. If life can always be better, can it ever be perfect? The answer is seemingly obvious, at least to the archetypal human mind, but one thing I try not to be is the archetype. I am not saying that a perfect life is necessarily possible, but my goal, nevertheless, is to create the perfect life. This goal may seem absurd, and it probably is, but this is just the type of thinking that promotes "continuous effort," and therefore allows true potential to be reached. In order to achieve my goal, I must go new places, reach new heights, and think new ideas. If life can in fact be made better, then there are clearly lands that have not yet been reached. In order to achieve my goal, I must take on the new frontier; I must be a pioneer. If I am to be a pioneer and settle this new frontier, I must have objectives. Of course, my ultimate goal is to realize my "nirvana," but that is a very broad aspiration, so I must narrow it down. Since life isn’t inclusive to me, I obviously have to help others if I am to taste the fruit of my ambition. I can start with those who evidently have a low quality of life, namely the homeless and starving. Starting or contributing to good charity is perhaps the best way to help the poor, but will one more charitable organization really make the world a better place, and if so, to what extent? If I want to create a perfect life, I have to reach and inspire the multitudes. Constantly giving to the poor will not solve their problems; their problems are due, at least in part, to the bad decisions of themselves and others. In order to make the world less poor, I have to educate and motivate those who will not help themselves. Even now, I make it a point to spend time with and help all the underprivileged children I know (there are quite a few of them). For instance, last summer I was asked by a poor woman to babysit her six kids for a week, and I accepted because I believe that her kids, one in particular, are very smart and capable children who have very little direction in life. I told the kids various Robin Hood-esque stories about how the rich became the poor, and I think and hope that I captured their imaginations so that they will one day be great. There is always the possibility that some people will simply reject any lessons that can be taught, but such traditional and arbitrary thinking will only get in the way. I have to fully believe that everyone can and will be helped in some way to improve their life’s quality. I can make this happen only if I can convince others, starting with just a few, to reason like myself. This may seem an imperialistic way to think, but I want others to have what I call a perfect life, and this is really the only way to think. This raises another point; that not everyone considers "perfect" to be the same thing. Undoubtedly, everyone defines perfection differently, so we must not impose anything on anyone, but motivate them to try and attain this subjective flawlessness of being. For me a perfect life is one without transgressions and anger; one of peace and consideration of others. It is also one of perfect knowledge and wisdom, and this, more than anything I mentioned thus far, is ridiculous, for how can we know everything? Some say that we never truly know anything, much less everything. This however is an integral part in my broad goal, and must be achieved. How can I possibly achieve such a ridiculous thing? I do not know, but I have to start somewhere. Perhaps perfect knowledge lies in the singularity theory, the theory of the fabled scientific law that explains every part of the universe and how they are related. The singularity theory is a long shot for one like me, but it does lie somewhere on the frontier, and I am a pioneer. The frontier is broad, and at times it seems that it will never end, but I cannot focus on the vastness of it all, but I must set my sights on one goal at a time. I am no special person; I do not have a super high IQ, incredible talents, or movie star-good looks; I am j

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  1. bitume says:

    Don’t post your essays online; it will now show up in a Google search and they’ll assume you plagiarized it. Even deleting this question won’t get it out of a Google search – you’ll have to re-write it now.

  2. vibrions says:

    next time send as word document. DO NOT POST ONLINE! Your essay is fine.