Anyone can give me facts about Beethoven?

This question is about Beethoven, i need to do this 5 page essay on some one who has had a huge impact in history. Since im in love with music like i believe, I need to have a lot of info which i will look up but i need facts about him. I think if i ask real people then that will help too then just doing it all on my own. So please give lots of facts about him. Im sure adding up all of the facts from people who answer this will be enough, im planning to have facts then ill look them up and write my essay. This essay is for a class i failed back in the 10th grade and im making up the credit by doing a huge essay instead of night school, so please help me out !

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  1. rehardening says:

    –His opera Fidelio was based on the psychiatric records of a female transvestite.–His third symphony was dedicated to a girlfriend named Erica.–He wrote the Temptress Sonata for a seductive girlfriend.–His ninth symphony was called the Coral Symphony because it was premiered in the South Sea Islands.–One of his piano sonatas was so unsuccessful that it was called the Pathetic Sonata.–One of his sets of variations was so unsuccessful that it was called the Diabolical Variations.–Beethoven died from the Beethoven virus.–He was Schroeder’s piano teacher.–His real name was Larry Beetfield, but he took a German pen name to avoid prejudice. –When he was working on his fifth symphony, the cleaning lady came in and exclaimed, “What a sloppy room! How can you stand to live in such filth?”Beethoven said, “Don’t you know, there’s a genuis at work. I’m busy writing a symphony.”The cleaning lady said, “What? You write a symphony? [external link] …

  2. unbeheaded says:

    He wrote nine symphonies, one of the composers with the fewest. Mozart wrote 42 and Haydn wrote 105.

  3. Jupiter says:

    Hector is right about the nine symphonies of course but the contrasted prolificacy of Haydn and Mozart is a little ambiguous?Beethoven’s symphonies are very different beasts altogether and after him not too many composers got into double figures.”Ah, it seemed to me impossible to leave the world until I had brought forth all that I felt was within me. So I endured this wretched existence…”So said Beethoven, before setting out to create the greatest and arguably most pivotal Symphonie the world had yet or since known – his third Symphony in E flat major. This nobility of spirit in the face of misfortune expressed in the full text of the translated ‘Heiligenstadt Testament’ can be read here: [external link] …It was written when he was thirty one years old as his hearing began to deteriorate rapidly.Here is a good website that you can navigate through devoted entirely to Ludwig van Beethoven [external link]