Any ideas for a topic for my senior exit project?

Im 15 and at my school we are required to write a 10 page essay to graduate. i want to join the military after college and become an officer in the Marine Corps. What should i choose as a topic that wont give my mom a hint that i want to join the military. i dont have a problem telling her but its just not a good time at this age. i would feel bad about myself if i told them i wanted to join and when it came down to the real deal i changed my mind about my future. I wouldnt want them to suddenly get proud of me for that decision and i might not even live up to it. DOnt get me wrong though, i am more than commited to joining the marines and have been working very hard in school and working out. Chances are that i will live up to it but only time will tell. So again, what are some good topics about the military that i can do for my senior exit project? Thanks!

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  1. rahal says:

    write about a marine battle or a famous marine, like John Basilone