What is the bar exam like?

What is the bar exam like? Why does it take so long? Is it like an essay? Is there a required length (pages?) or what? I'm totally confused about what it's supposed to be.

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  1. reincrease says:

    If you are in a state where the ethics exam is separate from the bar exam, the bar exam will take 2 full days. Depending on how your state administers the test you can have essay questions, fill in the blanks, and multiple choice.For the essay part you are given a booklet that contains several questions and asked to select a certain number of those questions to answer. When I took the bar exam, we were given a 4 or 6 page blue book for each answer. No essay answer could extend beyon one blue book. The multiple choice took up the larger portion, I believe one full day. For that you were asked a question and had to select one of 4 answers — 2 answers would be obviously wrong, 1 good, and 1 that was perfect. It takes so long because there are so many areas of law that you are being tested on, not just the law in your state, but Federal laws. You should not go into the bar exam without taking a prep course. There are a number of companies that just do that. Your law school should have that information. The law school prep course tells you how to take the bar exam, how to budget your time during the exam, and it provides you with sample tests to build up your knowledge. Personally I found the bar exam easier than the tests from the profs in law school. In law school many of the tests were long, confusing fact patterns that had many solutions. For the bar exam the questions are straight forward, probably for ease of scoring. Even the essay questions on the bar exam were less conplex that what I had in law school.The biggest thing about the bar exam is that it is easy to get upset about it. There is a lot of pressure to pass. During my bar exam, one person so upset she jumped on the table and started screaming. The paramedics took her away. You just go in there saying you will do your best and if you don’t pass, re-take the exam.

  2. talasco says:

    The California bar exam was 3 days. One-half day for the Ethics portion. One day for very specific multiple choice and one day for essays. When you take your bar review course in whatever state you are taking the bar, the review people will tell you what you can expect in that specific state. Some states are easier than others but regardless it will be physically and mentally grueling. A great deal of memorizing made somewhat easier by being taught words and phrases that stand for the outline of your memorization’s. I remember walking out after completion with the thought of having the first perfect score in bar history and after the first of four months of waiting for the results, I was restudying the bar review materials with equal confidence that I would need to retake the test. My milkman (that will date me) took the test seven times before passing the bar.He retired as a distinguished Superior Court Judge. You need the bar only to practice law. If you are studying business you need only to graduate. The practice of law is not particularly noble nor in the cooperative manner of twenty five years ago when dealing with decent men and women.