What are the list of all different possible narrative techniques in novels?

I'm writing an english essay to do with different narrative techniques. Firstly what is a narrative technique and what are the different ones? Are there proper names for all the narrative techniques or must one just try explain them as best as possible?

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  1. sarathi says:

    I’m not sure if you’re looking for literary devices or narrative points of views.Literary devices are used to enhance writing, create depth or a deeper understanding of what’s going on, create suspense or set a mood, etc. Here is a long list of literary devices with explanations and examples: [external link] Narrative points of views are the different ways the story is told. There are three main ones:First Person: “I went to the store.”Second Person: “You went to the store.”Third Person: “He/she/they went to the store.”Third Person can be split into Limited, Omniscient, and Subjective.This site can explain it better than I can: [external link] …Hope this helped.