Looking for variety of words for an essay?

The words I seem to most over use are author, audience (his audience, the audience), and reader )the reader, his readers), as well as the authors name. Further I am looking for a more scholastic way of saying "keeps a little mystery in the mix" "down side" and "with another tale about a personal experiance he has had" Please help me to find as many different ways to do this as possible and thank you in advance for your help.

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  1. selvas says:

    Audience and Reader are words you cant really switch with anything, or at least nothing is coming to mind right now.A more scholastic way to say “keeps a little mystery in the mix” would be to say that the author keeps the reader’s interest with mystery and a taste of unknowing. If you’re really bull****ing this essay, then you could use that phrase again as ‘it gives the reader a feeling of slight suspense until the end of the novelplay’.Downside can easily be substituted by ‘consequence’ ‘misfortune’ ‘inconvenience’, or more that I cant think of. Examples of each would be instead of saying downside of something, you’d say the consequence of an action, the misfortunes to follow a scenario, or the inconvenience of the situation.I probably need more context to be useful on this one, but finally you’d be able to say ‘while giving an anecdote of personal experience’ (Anecdote being a different word for story or tale) or ‘with the use of a story of his own personal experiences’. I’d advise staying away from using the word tale, but depending on the story itself it might be fitting (fantasy, romance, very fictional).

  2. circumnavigable says:

    have you tried a thesaurus?with the authors name, refer to them by their first or last name instead of overusing both together. keeps a little mystery in the mix: introduces new, unfamiliar aspectsdown side: negative portionwith another tale about personal experience he has had: from another source similar to his background