Sorry about the capitals, I just thought it'd make my question stand out. So I have to write a discursive essay for english, so I have to think of a question with two sides so I can come to a final answer to the question by analysing each side. I wanted to do it on something different than the usual abortion, climate change or size 0 models etc... So I want to do it on music or fashion or art..anyone got any ideas for a question? I had one idea which is 'Did Yoko Ono split up The Beatles?' Would that be a good question? Any ideas for other questions?Thank you! :)

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  1. vinita says:

    ur idea is very good…its best ,,go for it,,,good luck

  2. miaous says:

    1. compare your parents2. gay marriage is always a good one, but might be picked a lot3. do a pro and con on nail painting, that’s kinda artsy, fashionish4. the Yoko one is indeed a good idea, but why not compare music of today with say 60s or 70s music?