What Affect Did The Cold War Have On The US Domestic Policy?

Im Doing A DBQ And A Essay On The Affexts The Cold War Had On The U.S Foreign Policy And Domestic Policy PLEASE HELP ME ! Also What Does Domestic Policy Mean ?

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  1. hematinic says:

    Brianna,first take a breath. Now, “Domestic Policy” is nothing more than a set of laws and regulations that a government establishes within a nation’s borders. On the “Domestic” side of this question you post I would recommend you google phrases such as:1. U.S. Mineral Reserves2. U.S. Oil Reserves3. U.S. Grain Reserves4. U.S. EconomyI am providing but one link below and it is on the State of Louisiana – this will hopefully get you thinking in the direction you need.Best of luck,Gerry