You have to compare two things (or people) for an essay assignment. What would you choose?

muslim and jewish personpensioner and teenagerparent-non parentworker-unemployedthe queen-george bushthe list is endless

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5 Responses to “You have to compare two things (or people) for an essay assignment. What would you choose?”

  1. jugulary says:

    That’s a bit of a vague question…………… Ok- I’d pick cars and bicycles

  2. myoparalysis says:

    figurative- life and deathliteral- inside and outside

  3. unapprisedly says:

    Compare two writers or something like Shakespeare (brilliant writer! I’m only 13! God I’m sad lol!) and Stephen King or something along those lines… Shakespeare will never let you down for anything lol… Really he won’t

  4. priroda says:

    heeliom and water

  5. anticytotoxin says:

    I would use rich man, poor man (someone with average income verses large income) and how one envy’s the other.