Arthur Miller’s writing style?

Okay I have to write an essay on this... Some critics have argued that a playwright's use of copious stage directions puts undesirable restrictions upon the play's director. For example, they assert that the director should be able to bring his or her interpretation to the tone of voice with which a chracter should deliever a particular line, or to the expression a character should have on his or her face. Clearly, Arthur Miller did not share this view. In a well-organized essay, discuss which point of view is more valid. (( Unfortunately, i don't really understand this. ): Anyone think they could help or give their opinion? ))

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  1. unsaddles says:

    I won’t do your homework for you, but if you’re asking what the question is asking, I’ll try to help.When you were reading Miller’s play, you probably noticed a lot of italic descriptions of characters’ actions, of the setting, and so on–that’s what “stage direction” is. Quite a few plays don’t include much stage direction. Shakespeare, for example, included very little. Instead, playwrights leave it up to the actors and the director to decide how to act it out.Miller spelled it all out for them by having a lot of stage direction.So! Which is better, telling the actors and director exactly what to do, as Miller did, or letting them decide for themselves? That’s the question.