Friends keep saying essay is good need more feedback?

Could you read my narrative essay, I need some feedback. Paragraphs don't indent on here. This narrative essay is college level. My friends and family say its good but I need all the feedback I can get.The bond a person shares with their canine companion is a special relationship. It’s unbreakable because the dog and his master develop that bond over time. It was November 4, 2009 and a little past midnight. I was awake and went to check on our dog before bedtime. Her name is Chocolate. She was a medium sized dog, brown with black stripes, and was going to have puppies. I looked out the back window and I didn’t see her in her usual spot. I opened the door and looked outside into the dark night. I heard the sound of something running, but I couldn’t tell where it was coming from. It was Chocolate! She darted in through the small space through the door crack. I turned and saw her hide in a corner beside the couch. I walked over pleading with her to go back outside but she wouldn’t go. I even tried using Beggin’ Strips but nothing worked. I gave up after every failed attempt to get her back outside. I sat on the couch beside her keeping an eye on her. After about 30 minutes I heard a faint whimper.It was time for Chocolate to have her babies. I got some blankets and shortly after I returned the first puppy was born. Next was the second puppy and then came the third puppy which was my dog Rocky.Rocky was the third born puppy out of a litter of seven. He was different from the others because all the other puppies were born brown and he was born white. Rocky was white, with two light brown spots around his eyes, shaggy fur, and with a brown spot on his side. He was a bully to the other puppies taking their toys and eating all their food. This was Rocky.The puppies were starting to mature which meant it was almost time to start giving them away. I didn’t want to give Rocky away so I begged my mom to let me keep him. I told her I would take responsibility for Rocky and take care of him. After some convincing my mom finally said yes.It was finally the day to give away the puppies and so we gave them away. I kept Rocky and Chocolate stayed. Now that I got to keep Rocky I thought it was time to teach him some tricks. Me and Rocky began our dog tricks training camp. I started with teaching him how to fetch. It took a couple of weeks but we finally mastered it. That was our only successful trick all the others were complete failure, but it was okay.After the failed dog tricks training camp I moved on and took him for a walk his first walk. We went around the neighborhood and he tugged and jerked the leash with all his might. We finally got back home. Rocky was exhausted and went into his doghouse and took him a nap. I thought to myself this is just the beginning of the friendship that me and Rocky would share.Rocky and I have been through a lot in the short time we’ve been together. Rocky changed my life. I’m happy that Rocky is my dog.

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  1. tagbase says:

    good grammer

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    take it to a teacher… for more feedback, that’s what they are there for..