What is baroque (architecture)?

What would you say if you had to describe, SHORTLY and CONCISELY, exactly what baroque architecture is?Again, SHORT and CONCISE is key. I don't want an essay, or a list of links, I want a brief summary, expressing the most important elements.

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  1. stereotactic says:

    Baroque art began in Rome during the late 1500s. The baroque style exists on a grand scale, filled with dramatic details. The earlier Renaissance style was calm, intellectual and classical while baroque art is emotional and is meant to appeal to our emotions. Baroque architecture depends more on curved lines whereas the earlier classical style depended on straight lines. Many rulers wanted an art style like Baroque that would glorify their reigns. They built palaces that were ornate and elaborate. Versailles Palace and gardens is an example of this. I hope that this has been a help to you.

  2. rotary says:

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  3. almgren says:

    Baroque architecture was designed to be impressive for its own sake and was characterised by unnecesarily huge pillars, staircases and convoluted ceilings in palaces throughout Europe in the 18th Century. I hope this is short and concise enough for you, I’d just hate to annoy you by providing you with an essay or a list of links, bossyboots.