Need help with MLA Citation “They say I say”?

i dont know if i have to cite only the essay i used a quote from which was "Hidden Intellectualism" or cite the actual book "They Say I Say With Readings" and does it require a blank separate page? thank you

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2 Responses to “Need help with MLA Citation “They say I say”?”

  1. norelia says:

    Citations should be done on a separate page. Either citing the essay or the book is acceptable. However, if you want to be specific you can integrate both into one citation. Check out It’s an automatic citation generation. Although, I’m writing this from a university student’s perspective. If you’re still in high school or lower, you don’t need to be so specific.

  2. proliferously says:

    I don’t know the actual answer to this question but I always go to [external link] for all of my citation questions. Maybe it will have the right answer for you. My educated guess, as a high school teacher, is that you would quote the specific essay if it was published independently of the collection. If it was published initially as a part of “They Say I Say With Readings” then you would cite it as a part of the book. Does that make sense?