I NeEd SoMe HeLp WiTh ThIs PlZ..****** :) ! 10 points for best answer :P?

So im witting an essay on the book "Animal Farm" Okay so here is the instructions from my teacher: Remember you are speaking as Benjamin and are trying to persuade the other animals to rebel aganist Naploeon.You will need a thesis statement and an introductory paragraph that summarizes the situation.The main body paragraphs will include your main points and supporting details. To persuade your audience, try using the following: 1. Sensory details to describe the situation that must be changed 2. Show a contrast 3. Provide an anecdote or personal experience 4. Point out the other side's weak positionThe conclusion paragraph will summarize what you want and why.I NEED SOME HELP BRAIN STORMING AND GETTING TOGETHER HOW IM GOING TO WRITE THIS... I WANT IT TO BE REALLY GOOD BECAUSE ITS ONE OF MY LAST ASSIGNMENTS DUE BEFORE THE END OF THE SEMESTER. SO THROW ANY IDEAS YOU HAVE ABOUT THIS TO ME IM WILLING TO TAKE ANYTHING! :D thanks so much!

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    Animal Farm – George OrwellAnimal Farm study guides feature: Chapter-By-Chapter Summary and Commentary, Plot Summary, Character Descriptions, Literary Analysis ” Themes. [external link] [external link] [external link] [external link] [external link] [external link]