What do you think of this Essay: I know it is long and boring to read but it is very important to me. I?

The meaning of life What is the meaning of life? What is our purpose on this Earth? Why are we here? What is the significance of life that we live? Many people ask themselves these questions, and in my opinion these are very important questions, that definitely have different answers for different people. However I think that many people never really go too deep into the question and don’t really think about it a lot. I believe that we all live for some reason, and I believe that all humans have some purpose or many of them for which they live, whether that is God, pursuing happiness or some third reason there always is one, otherwise we wouldn’t live. People that have nothing to life for and have no reasons to live are the ones that commit suicides or that suffer a lot during their lives. I have had in my life one very awful experience and although I really didn’t like it and I never like to talk about it, it made me think a lot what the meaning of life is and what is the purpose of living. I am just going to say that I had a time in my life where everything seemed purposeless and meaningless. Like for example going to the city, going out to the club, hanging out with my friends, watching a movie, trying to do good things, and even being with my family seemed meaningless to me. Everything seemed so hard that I just didn’t see any reason to live on like that. There wasn’t anything that would make me happy or feel good. I started to question why am I living, and what do I get from living on this planet. For a period of time all things I used to do seemed meaningless for me. As time passed the meaning of my life was coming "back" to me, I realized that for me the meaning of my life is to be happy. My meaning of life is to make people that are close to me happy and do things that make me feel good, that make me feel happy. It doesn’t matter whether that is being with my family, loving my family, caring, hanging out and having a good time with my friends, going to school or something else. As long as good things and good actions make me happy I am glad to have the opportunity to live and contribute to society. It is very important thing in my life to set some goals that will mean something and be important to me. And I think everyone should have goals in their life. Whether these goals are achieving eternity, or following some particular religion, or even living as long as it is possible, we all should have goals that we care about, and I say that because I truly believe that they play a big part in giving us a meaning to life. What would life be without goals, without happiness, and without felling good? It would be meaningless because you would not have anything to live for. If I woke up everyday in the morning knowing that that I have nothing to achieve, I would suffer and I my life would be worthless. It would have no purpose and I believe that there aren’t many people who would disagree with me. However this is just me and my opinion based on my experiences in life so I can not say that it is the same for everyone. There are many great philosophers that express their opinion what meaningful life is. For example Plato one of the most influential philosopher and thinker, said that for him the meaning of life is to attain the highest form of knowledge, then for his student Aristotle which was also very influential thinker thought that meaning of life is achieving happiness and well- being. Then we have Christians that say that meaning of life is reaching heaven. So we can see that many thinkers and religions offer different kinds of opinions on what the meaning of life is. Opinions vary and there is no simple answers to this question as there are different standards set by different people for what would be meaningful life.What I want to say with that is that not every person has the same meaning of life. Actually most of people see the meaning of life in many different ways. But what I think we all have in common is the idea of achieving something, and that could be everything or anything that has some value to us. So for Plato that was achieving highest form of knowledge, for Aristotle it was being happy and achieving well-being, and for me it is both of these things and in addition what means a lot to me is dedicating part of my life to poor people. It would be great to leave this planet knowingly that I made a difference in the world that is full of poverty even though most of us try not to see it.

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    wow, thats a very goood essay, your really good at writing, i also love to write!(=

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    Wow, that is really great, and I agree with everything you said. This is definitely an A+ paper. You made it very readable and separated the paragraphs perfectly, where everything makes sense.Good job! :D

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    wow :) thats a wonderful essay!took me a long time to read, but was worth it.by the way i totally agree with all your points :) just be happy in life and make people happy :) enjoy your life :) don’t let a moment pass without enjoying it.hope you have a fantastic life anonymous person :)