How does Edward Scissorhands demonstrate belonging?

im doing edward scissorhands to answer this very question..all i need are a few points to help me start the essay..any ideas will help me :)please and thankyoux

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  1. Tosk says:

    I’m a little unsure what exactly your question is, but let me see if I can’t help:Edward Scissorhands, the film, demonstrates the human desire to “belong” in a couple ways.One, Edward lets himself be manipulated by the people of the town because he wants to fit in. He becomes a sort of local attraction to these fickle people, and his novelty hedge trimming and hair cutting wins him popularity amongst even their most judgemental neighbors.Two, When Edwards hairstyles and hedges become popular, members of the community will do just about anything to get an appointment with him. This is because they are as equally driven to belong as Edward is.

  2. TextOut says:

    Windress (see above) has some great starting points – let me see if I can add a few more – The darker side of belonging is what you’ll do to fit in. He starts wearing “normal” clothes, gets a hairstyle – all because he wants so badly to fit in. Maybe you could write about at what point is changing your ideas and beliefs so drastically in order to fit in is worth it? Also see what happens when he accidentally hurts someone, they all see him as someone who doesn’t belong and drive him away.Just a few ideas – hope that helps…