A website that has all sorts of information in books and articles for my essay?

I have to write an essay over Thomas Cole and I'd rather not go to the library and my professor mentioned a website, it's a shorter name but I can't find where I wrote that sucker down. He mentioned a search bar where you can enter subjects and all sorts of educational information will come up and it's NOT wikipedia.

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  1. quagmire's says:

    So, ultimately, what worked best for you? Just wondering. Report Abuse

  2. outgone says:

    Use the “ysearch” box at the top of the page, put the name inside “” marks, see what comes up.

  3. reties says:

    Not go to the library? ….but I’m biased.Answers.com will have some info from reference book articles: [external link] (note that the last section is Wikipedia, but the others are reference book excerpts)Still, that’s not the most you’ll find on him. Even if you don’t want to visit your college or public library, check out their website to see if they have access to any biography or art databases. You’ll usually be able to access it with your library card number. They should also have magazine/journal article databases that might cover lots of sources across all subjects (examples might be Ebsco’s Academic Search Premier or Gale’s Expanded Academic Index). Many of the article you get out of those will be full-text…no trip to the library. A quick search on “Thomas Cole” in my own library’s subscription to Academic Search Premier has 41 full-text articles on him, so I’d expect something similar in your own library’s collection.For example, if you’re at Univ. of Oklahoma (guessing from other things you’ve asked), this is the list of their art databases: [external link] …It’s a pretty powerful set of full-text resources and is going to beat anything you’ll find easily on the general web.OK, you want to absolutely stay away from the library?Google Books–results for “Thomas Cole,” limited to what’s available full-text (older books): [external link] …Here’s what they’ve got on the “Hudson River School:” [external link] …Archive.org has a handful of documents (near the top) that might also be good: [external link] …For the most part, with books, you’ll need to either get them through your library or a bookstore, unless the older listings above are helpful.Really good articles are a bit tougher to track down.I find a smattering of free articles from Magportal: [external link] …Findarticles.com does pretty badly.You’ll find some enticing results with Google Scholar: [external link] ……but be aware that most of these won’t connect you to full-text, although your college library may have a setup that lets you link from Google scholar to full-text links in their databases.The Cole historic site might have some info: [external link] , while Wikipedia may not be allowed…its external links and further reading can be useful for finding other sources: [external link] hope these are helpful, but I still suggest you use the library, even if you don’t “go to” the library.(PS, see if they have e-mail or live chat help to help you get to good sources–most college libraries and many publics do! You’ll see the meebo chat box on the OU art library page I sent and a general chat box at [external link] )–Bill PardueArlington Heights Memorial Library [external link] Us, We Answer! Find your local Library at [external link]