What is a good thesis statement about empathy to use in my essay?

formal mla standard english essay about empathy. cant think of a thesis statement that isnt the definition to empathy! THANK YOU!

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  1. construction's says:

    Not sure if I’m really following you here but if your essay is about “empathy” why wouldn’t you use the facets of empathy in you thesis because what are you trying to do.. really? Are you going to describe or define aspects of empathy in your paper and if so, why wouldn’t the elongated version (s) of the definitions and aspects of empathy be part of your thesis? Again your confusing me here. If I had a topic of say cars I would use facets of cars in my thesis, not airplanes or oranges so why are you steering away from that which IS empathy as part of your thesis or three points in your thesis. I get the MLA standard five paragraph essay but the rest is a bit confusing.