Ss essay help age of exploration?

The fifteenth century saw the expansion of Europe to other parts of the world. a. Explain three reasons why Europeans were interested in finding an all-water route to Asia.b. Describe three technological improvements that made it possible.c. Discuss three results of these voyages of exploration.i dont need someone to write the essay, just bullet things to write about please i really need a good grade in this class.

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    a. Overland was a long treacherous route- caravans could not carry as many goods as ships- it was better than having to travel through the ottoman empire- before the sea route traders in europe had to go through middle men to get goods from Asia- often at high rates of exchange, by trading directly with Asia it cut out the middle man and made trading more profitableb. latitude and longitude, compass, better designed shipsc. European countries who deal with Asia will become very wealthy, Europeans will forever become a part of the Asian landscape and their presence in Asia will create resentment and hostility i.e. boxer rebellion in china, British will establish colony on hong kong. British will force China to buy Opium from them creating an epidemic of opium addiction in china.