HELP! beginning sentence of essay?

I need to write a mini-memoir. Which of the following sentences will make a good, interesting beginning sentence? (If none are good please suggest one, or correct some.)By the way, my mini-memoir is about the time I went to camp.SENTENCE CHOICES:1) I had never been to a camp before.2) I had never been to a camp before, let alone an aviation training camp.3) My first experience in camp was a fantastic one.4) “TOP GUN”. I achieved this status when I went to Space Camp.5) “Ready, set, go!” The battle had begun.6) One of my best memories was the time I went to camp.any suggestions?

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5 Responses to “HELP! beginning sentence of essay?”

  1. rabbitwise says:

    4) and 5) are the best – The first line has to be punchy otherwise the marker will get bored.

  2. disapparel says:

    Either 2 or 6 I would have to say. The reason is because 4 & 5 are more were the heck am I? 1 & 3 aren’t really opening sentences, I mean really after that sentence you would have pretty much come up with another leading sentence. Good luck!

  3. coolingly says:

    Make your first sentence catchy. Never mind, everyone knows that. Anyway, when readers read your first sentence, it should contain something slightly interesting, so they can continue reading. Good Luck!

  4. offuscate says:

    Try “Space camp for girls? You bet! I had the best time of my life learning new skills and gaining memories to last a lifetime.”Good luck.Dan.

  5. yellow says:

    Last one is a good beginning