Essay questions on Russia?!?!?!?

I have to write papers on each of these questions, if you have any information on any of the subjects it would be of great help! Thanks :)1. Eastern Europe has always been an unstable area throughout history, such terms as Balkanization & Shatter Belt have been applied to the region. Explain.2.The Era of Communism may have ended with the breakup of the Soviet Union, but its effects will long remain on Russian political & economic geography. Explain what was the Communist political & economic system, & its effects.3.Russia is the world's largest country stretching from the Baltic Sea to the Bering Sea. Discuss the advantages & disadvantages of this expansive country in respect to the SIZE & LOCATION.4.Since early times the Russian push toward the East was propelled to exploit resources & bring remote areas into more effective national control. Discuss the progress of this eastern movement during Tsarist times & explain the efforts to develop the eastern region of the country...

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  1. reduplicate says:

    Well I am Russian but I’m afraid I’m not too great at knowing all those political and historical details of my country. However, I can point out for number 3 that the advantages are the natural resources out there in Siberia. And of course the fame of being the largest country, though I must say Russians really aren’t as prideful as other countries, rather they are skeptical of everything, even themselves. The disadvantages is the nuisance of having a huge unpopulated chunk of land out there. I know some Asians (like the Japanese or something out there) that have very little land for their enormous growing populations have been trying to buy land from Russia, seeing as how its population is miniscule and growing smaller. As far as the location, it really isn’t the greatest, that’s why it obviously hasn’t been populated by people and just remains a vast uninhabited territory. Also, for some facts, you can look at the CIA world factbook, they have the exact facts for each country, like the size and geographical details. Hope this helps…