Jewish Project Topic Choice?

I'm going to have to do a project over the next few weeks on one of the following topics and research a lot about it write a 1200-1600 word essay on it having the following points.Topics:King DavidKing SolomonForms of JudaismJewish HolidaysDestruction of the Temples (first and second)The DiasporaEstablishment of Israel (1948)Point I: Introduction with a thesis statementPoint II: Who or What is your topic?Point III: Where and When does your topic occur? Is it a past even or a currently occurring event?Point IV: Why did this occur? OR Why is it significant? OR Why is it still remembered? OR ____________Point V: How? This point depends on your topic. Please see your teacher to discuss.Point VI: Overall reflection on the topic (your perspective)Point VII: ConclusionWhich would be the easiest topic to do this on or at least the most fun?

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  1. mainpin says:

    I would say King Solomon, or Destruction of the Temples. The exact dates and information are available, and it could be fun. Just make sure you use authoritative sources.