Does intensive media coverage of the legal system affect the development of new laws?

As the topic mentioned above, this is my essay topic and it's about effects of media reporting...But i don't really understand what the question wants me to talk about.. Yeah.... So does intensive media coverage of the legal system affect the development of the new laws? And why? Thanks a million!

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2 Responses to “Does intensive media coverage of the legal system affect the development of new laws?”

  1. astonish says:

    Yes it does, high profile cases are responsible for laws like the Amber alert and Jessica’s law, there are others and with out the high degree of media scrutiny they would have never have been introduce let alone passed, great observation n your part.

  2. conradi says:

    The only thing media coverage will effect is how the public will perceive what is being reported. If the media report is slanted to one side or the other makes a difference on how the people watching or listening will feel about the report. However, law is not supposed to be about feelings, it is supposed to be about the letter of the law. What is legal and what is not legal, as stated by the US constitution and the state statues. Law should be black or white (for lack of a better description) When the media reports how bad this thing is, (what ever they are talking about) the people watching tend to agree, that IS bad. But if they say almost the same thing and say it is good, people will agree it IS good. However, I need to say again, the law should not have gray, (either it is against the law or it is not!) Good luck, you are gonna need to put some thought into this one! It is actually a really good questions…lots of ways you could go with it. =)