Hello, I am a working lady and I have to prepare for KPSC Exam. So, I want to learn kannada from a tutor.?

Please give some details of the person who teaches kannada at bangalore as i am at bangalore. I have studied kannada as 3rd language. But the exam is with grammers and essays. So to be more precise i would like to go for tutions in the evenings. Kindly help me.Thanks in advance.

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2 Responses to “Hello, I am a working lady and I have to prepare for KPSC Exam. So, I want to learn kannada from a tutor.?”

  1. AL-MIRA says:

    contact a local tutor.

  2. hokums says:

    hello i am from bangalore and i am very good in kannada if you need any help you can mail me to my mail id,that is [email not allowed]