What are the human-environment interaction in Croatia?

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    There is no control over the Release of Genetically Modified Organisms into the Environment. Croatian pharmaceutical and food industries, as well as scientific institutions, use biotechnological methods in the research and production of pharmaceuticals and food. Genetic manipulations on living organisms are also performed within those procedures. Some of the legally active regulatory mechanisms governing the production and the use of living, genetically modified organisms, prescribe the obligation of reporting their production to the competent authorities. However, no control or monitoring system concerning the release of genetically modified organisms into the environment has been established. Croatia applies the best available technology to identify and prevent the pollution of the marine environment and approximately (US) $ 1 mill is spent annually for the operation of cleaning vats and the prevention of pollution of the marine environment. The systematic organization for the implementation of Agenda 21 in the field of water management in Croatia has not been carried out, nor have funds for that purpose been secured in the state budget.A new Law on Waters and the Law on Water Management Financing were passed in 1995. The Law on Waters regulates the mode and conditions of water management, concerning use, protection and regulation of watercourses. The principles of water management are defined according to the uniformity of water system and sustainable development, satisfying the needs of the present generation, and at the same time not threatening the right and the possibilities of the future ones to exercise the same privileges.The protection of waters against pollution is realized through control over water quality status and pollution sources, through prevention, limitation and prohibition of actions having possible adverse effects on water quality. Legislative, administrative, and technical infrastructure for the environmentally sound management of chemicals has been established in the Republic of Croatia as a constituent part of the infrastructure for productive and reproductive chemical industry, of mass consumption, and for the activities that depend on chemicals. This infrastructure provides the basis for the management of drugs, industrial chemicals, artificial fertilizers, plant-protecting chemicals, toxicants and dangerous chemicals, as well as for chemical emissions into the working and living environment.According to the facilities five main types of official landfills exist:- disposal sites without filling plans, spreading and compacting of waste,- disposal sites with partial spreading and compacting of waste,- disposal sites with immediate or periodical waste incineration after dumping (islands and coastal areas),- disposal sites with spreading and compacting of wastes and aftercare covering with inert materials,- sanitary landfills fulfilling all criteria. Most of the activities using radionuclides generate radioactive waste. Spent sealed sources are considered a problem requiring special attention. There is no radioactive waste disposal site in Republic of Croatia. Presently, radioactive waste is collected and placed at two national storage facilities run by research institutes.A Hazardous Waste Management Agency (Croatian abbr. APO) was founded by the Government’s decision, in order to manage hazardous and radioactive waste. A major issue is the planned construction of LL/ILW repository for radioactive waste, generated by routine operation from the decommissioning of NPP Krsko. The plant was built as a joint venture of Croatia and Slovenia in 1984.The Republic of Croatia, being a newly created state in transition, still does not have an adequate legislative framework and regulatory system needed for supporting an efficient radioactive management system, although with its present resources (human and technical capacities) this could be achieved.