Should Smoking have been banned in public places ?

I'm writing an essay on whether smoking should have been banned in public places and i would like to have your opinionsif you have any references that would be good toothank you

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15 Responses to “Should Smoking have been banned in public places ?”

  1. hinaman says:

    Do you want to get more information about it? Please go to [external link]

  2. win-win says:

    Yes. Even though they used to separate areas for smoking and non-smoking, the smell of smoke always managed to waft over to the non-smoking area. Also it was very unhealthy for the workers who had to work in that environment everyday.

  3. uniped says:

    Yes: Smoking kills.

  4. acknowledgment says:

    Yes.Now you can eat a meal in a reaturant without having to hold your breath because the people at the other side of the room are smoking. You can leave smelling the same way you walked in. The only problem now, is these smoking shelters. Most of them are placed right outside entrances! When I walk into college it’s like a smoke screen. It’s absolutey disgusting. I’ve had one idiot blow right into my face, to which I told him to f*** right off. It makes me so angry.On the other hand, it’s good that they have to stand outside entrances because it’s embarassing for them. It makes them look like pathetic naughty school children who’ve been sent out the class.

  5. palingenesis says:

    Smoking should be banned in public places especially near children. It’s a horrible habit.

  6. neighbourlike says:

    yes but i think it should be banned altogether or just in private places, eg at home

  7. nontyphoidal says:

    People have suspected for decades and known for years that second hand smoke is almost as dangerous as primary smoke. Yes, I think people should have as many rights as possible but that doesn’t include the right to risk the health and comfort of others.”The right to swing my fist ends where the other man’s nose begins.” —Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

  8. blow-up says:

    Yes i’m pleased that it’s been banned in public places. It’s not good for your health breathing other people’s smoke in. If other people want to harm their bodies then fair enough it’s up to them, but i wasn’t happy having to suffer also without any option. So, yes i believe banning it was good.

  9. frankability says:

    No, once that happened, Democracy died.I don’t smoke though, but it is ridiculous, a little way to make the health fascists happy.If the government was really opposed to smoking they would ban it, but they make a f*ck load of money from it, so they try to ‘encourage people not to smoke but still rely on the revenue it brings.They should either ban it or just shut up and let people do what they want with smoking

  10. peoplee says:

    On the whole yes, I’m a SMOKER 24 yrs and I don’t mind not lighting up in restaurants but I’ve never liked smoking in them anyway. but I think pubs should have areas and staff who don’t mind inhaling smoke or are smokers themselves so you could have a choice. Airports are a bit of a nuisance for me cause I’d like to have my last ciggy before I’m on an 9hr flight.that’s it really.

  11. medplus says:

    No if they don’t like it the can stay at home!

  12. aliamap says:

    Yes I think so. It’s ok people like Jeremy Clarkson going on about freedom of choice but if you’re a non smoker your only choice then would be to not go out or breathe other peoples smoke. Speaking to our local landlord his business has seen an increase in meal sales but a decrease in wet sales (drinks). I used to run a pub (and smoke) and there’s nothing worse than cleaning up other peoples ashtrays. I don’t know how far you can take the arguement in that it may have encouraged more people to stop as this may not be a good thing, alot of the governments money comes from tax on cigarettes.

  13. marshal says:

    Yes.I don’t want to smell and inhale other people’s pollutants.If they can’t keep it to themselves, they shouldn’t have it out in public.

  14. Neofiber says:

    Smokers have always had the option to smoke away from others, but they chose not to, even when it was shown that they were putting other’s health at risk.As soon as they are forced to be respectful of others, they start complaining. Luckily smoking is rapidly dying out as intelligent people realise it’s not a good way to die.

  15. palaeoalchemical says:

    yesss…. i’m glad my school Santa Monica College banned smoking in campus…