Help with some english questions please?

13. In the excerpt from The Names, Momaday recalls forcing Pecos to ____________ his actions until he was fully trained. (1 point) (1 point)replicateconcoctpermeatechallenge14. "A Rose for Emily" is told from the point of view of (1 point) (1 point)Miss Emily.Homer Barron.the townspeople.the colonel.15. Why is "Antojos"an appropriate title for Julia Alvarez’s essay? (1 point) (1 point)It describes Alvarez’s longing to be independent of her wealthy family.It explains Alvarez’s fear of the campesinos she encounters in the grove.It explains how Alvarez prefers U.S. culture to her own.It describes Alvarez’s cravings for fruit and a connection with her heritage.16. Which word BEST describes the tone of Rita Dove’s "For the Love of Books"? (1 point) (1 point)passionateobjectivehumorousgloomy

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    Jim Bob, can you email me the answers to this… I started half way through the year and I have no idea what half of this stuff is… email me at [email not allowed] thanks a lot I appreciate it! Report Abuse

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    What answers did you put down? We can help you with questions you’re confused on/help you check your answers. however, we are not going to just give you the answers. That’s what you seem to be doing with all your questions tonight…just seeking the answers from us.