To kill a mockingbird essay… is this a good intro paragraph?

we have to write about how tom, atticus, and boo r the mockingbirds in this story. if there are any ways i can improve ill take any suggestions thank u:)"They don’t do one thing but sing their hearts out for us. That’s why it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird," said Miss Maudie to her neighbor, six year old Scout. In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, killing a mockingbird is a symbol of destruction of innocence. There are many "mockingbirds" in the story, which takes place in the Deep South in the town called Maycomb, Alabama during the 1930’s. The most important mockingbird in the story is Tom Robinson, a kind African American man, falsely convicted and killed by his racist community for a crime he did not commit. Boo Radley, a shy and innocent man unfairly judged and shunned by his neighbors and Atticus Finch, a white man, narrator Scout’s father and respected attorney who decides to defend Tom Robinson, a Black man, against a white woman’s lies are also important character symbols of mockingbirds.

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3 Responses to “To kill a mockingbird essay… is this a good intro paragraph?”

  1. jikungu says:

    thanks i needed one of those

  2. gectigi says:

    It is a great paragraph and well-written. The only changes I see are some minor corrections, but I would not change your paragraph as to its content.There is some punctuation that might make it easier to read. Your sentence structure is complex and with so many commas I had to read the sentence beginning with Boo twice. You might want to consider using colons,semi-colons, dashes in such complex sentences.In your opening you need to hyphenate six-year old Scout. I think African-American should be hyphenated. Also, black man against a white woman – in this context you are trying to say black vs. white, so I think both should be lower case.Finally, it may be the text formatting in this forum, but the title of a book, I believe, should be underlined.

  3. ethionic says:

    I like it. The only things I might change if I were you would be the use of the quote as the first sentence. It doesn’t seem to flow as well as it could, so maybe either rephrase a little or move it elsewhere in the paragraph. However, the quote goes along well with the topic so I definitely wouldn’t remove it altogether, and if possible, try to make it work as the first sentence, because it is an extremely good “hook” and captures the reader’s attention. Another thing, “falsely convicted” implies that it was a crime “he did not commit”; it sounds a little repetitive to me to use both, so it might sound better to describe some other aspect of the crime rather than reiterating that he did not commit it. Otherwise, I think it sounds good! It’s very clear, effectively introduces the topic, and catches the reader’s interest. Also, good luck on the rest of your paper :)