Are there any Free – Essay, Coursework, & Research Resources?

Can anyone please suggest a website that provide completely free essays, courseworks, and research papers for reference in studies? Something like [external link] but just completely no charges and allows people to share their work and interact too?This will definitely benefit students. I am personally looking for materials for the GCE 'A' Level and future Undergraduate materials. I have found several websites, but they are either pay-to-view or the free ones only have limited(very little) materials.

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  1. fodgel says:

    Such website would not exist because it will be making losses – no one wants to loss-making project (unless it will be funded by te government :-) You can find 39 free papers on this website – hopefully you’ll find it useful! [external link] .…

  2. typps says:

    Sometimes people will help you here. Beware of any of those help sites for paper writing, you wouldn’t want to be charged with plagiarism.It happened to a med student at Kings College (I think it was, I read it in some of my own research using journal articles). He admitted he did it, his future unknown at the time of the writing. Document everything, Mate!–Charles, That Cheeky LadMaster’s level student at the moment.