Why did my teacher fail my great essay?

I was assigned to write an essay on any state found in the USA, deeply intrested, i chose Russia. I spent a very long time writing all about russia and for my main focus i did water sources. I studied it;s relationship with the nile and the mississippi river.My older and younger brother helped me do it. I loved it but i dont kow why i failed, what shud i tell my teacher? btw i have always considered myself a great student.

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7 Responses to “Why did my teacher fail my great essay?”

  1. innotek says:

    you did not follow teachers instructions. Essay on any STATE in USA? Russia is it’s own COUNTRY and not in USA.. failure to not follow directions.. sorry

  2. ununitableness says:

    Obviously this is a joke. I’m really sorry for you if you think Russia is a state, anywhere near the Nile or Mississippi. Ha ha ha. You also spelled ‘interested’ wrong. Spell check. I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T-E-D.

  3. showfhd says:

    even though Sarah Palin said and i quote “I can see Russia from my house” she didnt mean it so… do you live in the states? if so may i suggest a wrold map

  4. winnocks says:

    MLA format, citations, proving your thesis, grammar, many things could have been wrong that we can’t see without reading your essay. And, Russia is not a state in the USA. Shocker, I know, but sorry…

  5. clam's says:

    Thank you so much for wasting my time with this. This is a joke section you know. You don’t have to post this tripe in the homework section.

  6. unexpressably says:

    U would have to post the essay and rubric.

  7. Pyramidellidae says:

    do what you are told next time. there are some major geographical errors