When is a fetus LEGALLY considered a living human being?

Im writing a essay on row vs. wade and I need to know when a fetus or baby depending on your view is legally considered a person with rights. Is it after conception?

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8 Responses to “When is a fetus LEGALLY considered a living human being?”

  1. butterweed says:

    I belive 3 months is the age that is normally accepted as a human being. Doctors will rarely opperate an abortion after this period.

  2. pasturage says:

    I once read that medically a fetus is not considered a “baby” until it could theoretically survive outside of the uterus which is about 7 months gestation (healthy babies are born at 9 months, typically).

  3. teleran says:

    In the US, as long as the fetus is not born yet, it’s not considered a legal human being.Now, there are plenty of people who consider all fetuses and even zygotes to be human, but you asked about legal status.By the way, it’s spelled Roe, not Row. This is important when you’re looking things up.

  4. screaking says:

    As far as I’m aware, a fetus is *never* a legal person. Legal personhood begins at birth.

  5. jory says:

    If you are asking a question about the current state of “the law” – rather than asking for opinions about what the law *should* be – then the answer is that it all depends on where you are.If you do a Google search for “fetal rights” you will find lots of conflicting opinions.The link below might be a possible starting point for exploration …

  6. downlie says:

    I believe that in about 9 to 12 weeks since conception, the fetus is a human being. By that time, it’s heart is pumping, all it’s organ systems are working and the brain is sending waves throughout the body. It can close it’s fist, suck it’s thumb and is sensitive to light, touch, movement, and noise.

  7. redamnation says:

    LEGALLY, it’s very simple: A fetus is considered a living human being when it takes it’s first breath. This is why abortion is legal, your not killing a person. And why partial birth abortions are legal, as again you kill the fetus immediately as it’s born so it’s not a person.

  8. beothuk says:

    Google “when does life begin” and then check the scientific or academic sites. (The religious sites and the political sites could trap you with personal opinion.) Note, it is conception.So how in the world did the SC choose abortion over life? Check out the historic evidence of the justices at the time. The swing vote ended up deciding based on a clerk at the time – it was nothing but personal for him, because the clerk was in the midst of dealing with an unplanned pregnancy.I won’t do homework for kids, but I just gave you two HUGE clues on how Roe V Wade became law.Here’s another one to check out – does the Supreme Court have the right to create law? No. “Balance of power.” All along, it just requires one of the branch of government to tell the justices, “No, I don’t accept that.” The President did that often in the first 100 years. Truth be known, the justices nullified The Emancipation Proclamation, but Lincoln had the chutzpah to tell them to take a hike, and we now have that Amendment because of that.All interesting things to research to answers the obvious question about Roe V Wade – no way that should have been “legalized” through the courts, and every President since has the authority to nullify their decision.