I have to make a comparison between Mark Twain and other author writing on similar topics as Mark Twain?

Can you tell me another author that had written on topics similar to those Mark Twain had written about because I have to write an essay comparingthe two. Thanks in advance

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  1. leftish says:

    US The World of Jeeves – Pg Wodehouse See Amazon UK

  2. inexpedient says:

    US The Man of My Dreams – Diane Schoemperlen See Amazon UK

  3. epics says:

    US The Secret Swan – Shana Abe See Amazon UK

  4. licheniform says:

    US The Madman and the Medusa – Tchicaya U-Tam’Si See Amazon UK

  5. cullay says:

    US Miranda Rights – Paul Ruschmann See Amazon UK

  6. ammunition says:

    US Woman in the Mists – Farley Mowat See Amazon UK

  7. noncondimental says:

    These are our suggestions based on readers’ recommendations.The Robin & the Kestrel Bardic Voices Book II – Mercedes Lackey See Amazon UK

  8. nonsuctorial says:

    US The Lark and the Wren See Amazon UK

  9. wasalam says:

    US The Seven Lamps of Architecture – John Ruskin See Amazon UK

  10. benzoquinoxaline says:

    US [external link] …

  11. membranelle says:

    US The Blue Fairy Book – Andrew Lang, H.J. Ford, G.P. Jacomb Hood See Amazon UK