College Homework help?

Pls tell me what is the correct answers:1) James turned his car stero up A) and heads for the beach. B) and headed for the beach.2) The class turned in essays last week, A) but the have not been graded by the instructor B) but the instructor has not graded them.3) Ella was walking down the hall A) when someone calls out to her that she has dropped her keys. B) When someone called out to her that she had dropped her keys.4) Sam Complained to the Better Business Bureau that the people at the auto shop had kept his car for a month A) and they still had not fixed it B) and it still had not been fixed by them.5) When Jenn brought home the video, A) her husband reminded her that they had watched it last week. B) her husband reminded her that they watched it last week.6) Lucy went into the restaurant, A) but then she leaves when she sees how crowded it is. B) but then she left when she saw how crowded it was.7) The walking trail was muddy, A) so Kuen decides to come back another day. B) so Kuen decided to come back another day.8) Luis sat down at his computer at 8:00pm A) and the next time he looked at the clock, an hour passed. B) and the next time he looked at the clock, an hour had passed.9) The puppy was named Zap A) because he chewed on electrical cords. B) becuase electrical cords were chewed by him.10) When Thomas was walking his dog last night, A) he found a five-dollar bill on the sidewalk. B) he finds a five-dollar bill on the sidewalk.The person who give me the exact answers get 10 points! Good Luck!

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  1. phenicate says:

    the first question….it is in past tense… her turned it up… turned = pastso choose the answer with a past word.heads = presentheaded = pastso the first one is Bmaybe this will help you solve the others.i dont want to give you all the answers because that is cheating, dont bribe at the bottom anyways i dont want dirty points.if you legitly needed help because your foreign and taking a learn English class or something hopefully my explanation on the first question helped, best of luck

  2. respirational says:

    Here’s your first problem – ‘what ARE the correct answers’. What you need to do here are pay attention to plurals and cases. These are not college level questions, even if you got them in a college class – any junior high school student should be able to solve them. And so should you – people telling you the answer won’t help you at all in your essays and college work. Please, for the sake of all your future professors, learn how to do them correctly.