To what extent are current attitudes in northern ireland a result of bloody sunday?

hi, i have a history essay to write and is about the question mentioned above.the reason i have decided to post the essay question is to gain some knowledge onthe following event: bloody sunday, i have a bit of knowledge on the event but not as much as i would like, , so, basically, i am asking for any help, knowledge or advise about bloody sunday and different views and opinions from protestants and catholics that went through the horrific event.any help would be much appreciated, many thanks, Barney Reece :)

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  1. orthodoxness says:

    I think to quite a large extent. Bloody Sunday basically precipitated the descent into the full scale conflict of the troubles and the end of the peaceful Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association. Prior to that point many Catholics and some moderate Protestants supported the civil rights movement but after Bloody Sunday almost all support fragmented into various nationalist, republican and unionist parties. It also led to a surge in support for the Provisional IRA which in turn caused support to rise for loyalist paramilitary groups. Moderate Catholics also became disillusioned with the British state and establishment as the subsequent reports into Bloody Sunday covered-up the actions of British soldiers or invented lies about the demonstrators themselves. Fundamentally I think it destroyed moderate and cross-community politics within N. Ireland and made N. Irish society more fractured and sectarian. However I think the publication of the recent Saville Report and the apology given by British PM David Cameron has done quite a lot to right those wrongs. In my experience, being from N. Ireland, I think the report and Cameron’s apology has had an affect on people’s attitudes towards the British state. I think many Catholics now feel that the British state has made genuine attempts to make amends for the wrongs it committed in the past and that its now willing to deal Catholics/nationalists a fair hand in N. Ireland.