Abnormal behaviour in wolves?

I'm doing an animal behaviour essay and I've looked everywhere but can't find anything to do with abnormal behaviour in wolves, especially wolves in captivity. any help would be great, thanks xx

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  1. division says:

    Wolves are pack animals with an intricate hierarchy. Being canines they eat meat such as elk, however, only 1 in 10 hunts are successful. There are different species of wolves, so i’ll presume you mean grey wolf as it’s the most common and widespread.In the wild, wolves live in their family pack until they are two years old when they will either stay and help with the next litter or (only the Alpha or breeding pair will have puppies) or leave in search of a mate.Abnormal behaviour in a wild grey wolf:1. A lone, very young wolf.2. No fear of humans (wolves are scared of humans).3. any obvious health abnormalities such as lacerations, limps, bad skin etc.4. Aggression towards other pack members (especially in low ranking animals).Abnormalities in captive wolves:1. Over Grooming themselves/others.2. Excess scratching.3. Loss of appetite.4. Weight loss.5. Increased hunger/thirst.6. Excess sleeping.7. Lethargy.8. Aggression9. Depression10. Any stereotypical behaviour such as rocking, pacing, head rolling, swaying, cage biting etc.Those are the pointers i used for my animal behaviour assignment couple of years ago and i passed fine with them.Hope that’s helped!

  2. libcore says:

    Facts and abnormalities. The wolf.The Wolf’s long legs allow it to run at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour. Anything slower than that is abnormal.Wolves cover large distances and are known to travel up to 9 miles a day. 3 miles is abnormal.A typical wolf pack may have a range of up to 50 sq. miles of territory. 12 sq. mile is abnormal.Wolves are generally afraid of people and tend to avoid them. Biting a person’s bum is abnormal.Wolves have no natural predators except people. A wolf befriending a man is abnormal.A wolf rarely lives past the age of 10 in the wild/ A 20 year old wolf is abnormal.